Using the G-Track Pro with Windows Computers




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    Demitri Lopez

    Every time i get on obs to stream my light starts flashing red how can i stop this 

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    Jonathan B

    Demitri, you need to change the sample rates for Playback and Recording so they're the same: 

    (G-Track Pro can't work with two conflicting sample rates, so it flashes the red LED to warn you that one of the audio streams will be garbled.)

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    Branden Gonzalez

    I would like to hear myself through my Steelseries Artic Pro+Gamedac Headphones without latency, how can I achieve this? The Headphones are connected through micro usb to micro usb, it does not use a 3.5mm jack. I have already tried going into my sound settings and enabling the "hear this device" check box, but that has too much latency.

    I have the G track pro usb microphone 


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    Jonathan B

    Branden, those are digital headphones (which essentially have a built-in sound card), so there's no way to monitor through them other than high-latency software monitoring, as you've already found.  The signal needs to go through an analog→digital→analog conversion. 

    Most DAW software supports software monitoring, and it might be possible to configure it for lower latency using ASIO4ALL, etc., but there will always be some latency.

    To do zero-latency monitoring, you need to plug analog headphones directly into the G-Track Pro's headphone output.  In this case, the signal goes directly from the mic to the headphones, never passing through the computer.

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    Gabriel Schaetzke

    Thank you so much this helped me a lot.

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    Ahmed Attia

    When I connect the g track pro with computer and choose it as a default input device and choose the playback device g- track headphone as a default also with same samples rate the mic sometimes times make a yellow flash light
    And the computer doesn’t record any thing and I can’t also control the mic inst. level it’s also locked
    So please how can I use this mic and repair this problem

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