What Android video apps work with Go Mic Mobile?


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    Dear Samsontech team, I have tried the XPD2 with all camera applications mentioned in this topic,

    With some of the camera apps the XPD2 does work, however with some not  (video recording uses the build in android phone, despite choosing the correct settings)

    When the XPD2 does works with the camera android app, beyond the 10 seconds I am experiencing a latency in the video image, while the audio is correct. (the video image becomes to be slower then the audio)

    However, with Facebook live the audio as well as the video image is running correctly through the mic and without video image latency (simultaneously with each other.)

    Is there a solution or suggestion for using the camera app what seem to be the problem?

    * I am using a samsung S7, and would like to use the mic with camera app as well.

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