Expedition Express Using EQ

The Expedition Express feature a 2-band equalizer allowing you to adjust the systems overall high and low frequencies. The system’s frequency response is flat when the knobs are in the vertical or "12:00" position. Small movements of the controls can make a big difference. Turning the controls all the way up can cause distortion. Use your ears when adjusting the EQ to fit your application. We have provided two example settings to help you get started fine tuning your system.

Setting the EQ for Music If you are using the Expedition Express for music playback, turn up the BASS and TREBLE slightly to produce a “hi-fi” frequency response that accentuates the low and high ranges.


Setting the EQ for Vocal If you are using your Expedition Express with a microphone for speech only, you can reduce the BASS and raise the TREBLE slightly, which will produce a frequency response that accentuates the vocal range.

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