Expedition Express Quickstart

Follow these steps below to quickly get started using your Expedition Express portable sound system.

• Set the Expedition Express's power switch to the OFF position, and fully turn all of the VOL controls counterclockwise to 0.

• If an outlet is available, connect the included power adaptor to the DC IN of the speaker, and plug it into an AC socket.

• Connect a microphone using a standard XLR cable, instrument and line level equipment using a 1⁄4" instrument cable, or portable audio device using a 1⁄8" cable.

• Switch on the Expedition Express power.

• While speaking into the microphone, playing the instrument, or playing music from a line level audio source, slowly raise the channel VOL until you have reached the desired level.

NOTE: If not using the channel 1 input, turn the VOL control all the way down to keep out any unwanted noise.

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