Expedition XP106/XP106W Quickstart

Follow these steps below to quickly get started using your XP106 or XP106W portable sound system.

• Set the XP106's power switch to the OFF position, and fully turn all of the LEVEL controls counterclockwise to 0.

• If an outlet is available, connect the included power adaptor to the DC IN of the speaker, and plug it into an AC socket.

• Connect a microphone using a standard XLR cable, line level equipment using a 1⁄4" instrument cable, or portable audio device using a 1⁄8" cable.

• Switch on the XP106 power.

• While speaking into the microphone or playing music from a line level audio source, slowly raise the channel LEVEL until you have reached the desired level.

NOTE: If not using the channel 1 input, turn the LEVEL control all the way down to keep out any unwanted noise.

Setting a Good Level

Use the Channel LEVEL controls to set the individual volume of your microphone, line level and Bluetooth® devices.

The PEAK light illuminates when the signal sending to the internal amplifier begins to reach a level where distortion occurs. If the PEAK lights stay on, your mix is too hot and you need to lower the LEVEL controls.

It is okay for the PEAK light to occasionally light, however it should go off quickly and should not constantly stay on.

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