Expedition XP106/XP106W Battery Maintence

The XP106 has an internal, rechargeable battery capable of up to 20 hours of continuous audio on a full charge. Even though the system may have some charge when first taken out of the box, we recommend fully charging your XP106 before first using the system.

 To charge the battery:

• Set the power switch to the “OFF” position.

• Connect the XP106 to an AC power outlet using the included power adapter.

• Keep the system plugged in until the Battery indicator changes to green, indicating the battery is fully charged.

The XP106 utilizes a sealed lead-acid gel cell battery. When not in use, the battery will slowly self-discharge. If you are planning not to use the XP106 for a long period of time, it is advised to fully charge the unit before storing. It is also important to charge the unit every six months when not used. This will ensure a healthy battery and extend its life. If the battery is left with a very low charge for an extended period of time, it is possible to recharge the battery to working condition, but the charge time can take over 24 hours.

If you find that the operation time of the XP106 becomes noticeably decreased, even after fully charging, the battery should be replaced. Contact Samson customer service or your local distributor for a replacement battery.

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