Meteor Mic Fix for Windows




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    Keith Adler

    For the second time, I'm getting the recognition issue. I cannot remember for the life of me what I did last time, but this time it refuses to be recognized. It works on other computers, and worked on this one yesterday. Nothing has changed on this computer. The firmware program will not work if the device is still unrecognized. There needs to be much more support around this error.

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    I cannot get the fix to work. It says it cannot find the HID.

    I also need a fix for an Apple Mac. The mic is not recognised and the LED does not light up blue, it stays a steady amber.

    Help please.

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    Muller Nascimento Alves da Silva

    I connected, gave blue light, but after a few seconds, the light disappeared and it did not work anymore

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    Gilberto Lazo (SrLazo)

    I use Mac and I would like to know if there is a solution for my operating system, I just bought the mic but the red light is on and I can not use it correctly

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