How wake the Samson Conspiracy from Vegas Mode

Vegas Mode:

If the Conspiracy has been connected and has not been in use for 5 minutes, it enters “Vegas Mode”. The Pad’s colors will cycle and the unit’s controls become locked. Simply press the STOP button to “wake” the Conspiracy up to get back to work.

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    The flashing lights might have looked cool for a trade show, but does Samson honestly think that musicians would want to have to "wake up" their controller just to use it, especially during a live performance?  Nobody wants to start playing pads only to realize that they forgot to hit STOP first.  The ability to "lock out" your equipment might be a nice feature, but not if it automatically invokes by itself like a screensaver.  Please consider making Vegas Mode an OPTIONAL mode in the future.

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    Totally agree with Esoterra23.  Very lame that I have to wake the controller up every time I want to use it.  How can we turn this feature off?  If we can't please create a fix.  

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