Expedition Escape speaker placement

The Expedition Escape provides three different placement options for your specific situation.

For maximum sound coverage the Expedition Escape can be used with a standard 13⁄8” speaker stand. The speaker should be raised above the heads of the listening audience. Take care when placing the speaker on a stand, to ensure that it is on a level, steady surface and will not tip over.

When using the speaker on the floor, or when the speaker is below the listener, the Expedition Escape features a monitor angle position to project the sound up, towards the audience.

For smaller settings, the speaker can be placed vertically on a table or desk.

Take care when placing the Expedition Escape in direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this may discolor or damage the unit.

Do not place the speaker on wet surfaces, as it can cause malfunction. If you notice condensation on the unit, dry the speaker before using or storing.

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