Expedition Escape Quickstart

Using a microphone

• Set the Expedition Escape's power switch to the OFF position, and fully turn the volumes controls counterclockwise to 0.

• If an outlet is available, connect the included power cord to the AC INPUT of the speaker, and plug it in.

• Connect a microphone using a 1⁄4" cable to the MIC INPUT.

• Switch on the Expedition Escape power.

• While speaking into the microphone, slowly raise the channel MIC until you have reached the desired level.

NOTE: If not using the MIC input, turn the volume control all the way down to keep out any unwanted noise.


Pairing with a Bluetooth® device

• Turn all MASTER VOLUME control all down counterclockwise to 0.

• With the Expedition Escape and your Bluetooth device powered on; press the PAIR button on the rear panel of the Expedition Escape speaker to make the speaker discoverable. The Bluetooth indicator will slowly flash green.

• In the settings of your Bluetooth device, set it to “discover” available devices.

• From the Bluetooth device list, select the "Samson Escape" device.

• If your device asks for a passkey, enter digits 0000 (four zeros) and press OK. Some devices may also ask you to accept the connection.

• As the Expedition Escape is connecting to your device, the Bluetooth indicator will quickly flash green.

• The Expedition Escape speaker indicates that pairing is complete when the indicator turns steady green. You can now stream audio from your device to the Expedition Escape speakers.

• With the volume control on your Bluetooth device turned up, play some music, and slowly raise the Expedition Escape channel MASTER VOL control until you have reached the desired level.

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