Meteor Mic Quickstart

There are many ways to use the microphone, and our quick start example is a typical setup for recording vocals. Just follow the simple steps below to begin recording.

1. Unfold the legs of the Meteor Mic, and position the microphone on your desktop. The legs can be adjusted to set the angle of the microphone.

2. Next, connect your headphones to the Headphone output located on the rear of the Meteor Mic.

3. Plug the mini-B size (small) end of the included USB cable into the USB socket on the rear of the Meteor Mic.

4. Plug the other end of the USB cable into an available USB port on your computer. Note: Be sure to check the installation guide for Windows and Mac OS in this manual to confirm your computer has recognized the Meteor Mic. Also, make sure your computer’s output level is set to maximum for full volume in the Meteor Mic headphone monitor.

5. Launch your DAW, turn the microphone’s Volume knob down, and select the Meteor Mic for the input and output.

6. Set up a mono record track in your DAW for the vocal track.

7. Next, set the level of the Meteor Mic. There are few ways to do this depending on your preference and computer setup. One way to control the gain is to set the microphone’s input level in the Sound playback in Windows, or in the Sound dialog box in System Preferences, if you are using a MAC OS. You may also set the gain of the microphone by raising the Input level control in your DAW. If you see the Power/ Peak LED illuminate red, your signal will be distorted. Turn the MIC level control down until it does not flash red.

8. Speak or sing into the mic and raise the Meteor Mic’s Volume knob until you reach a comfortable listening level.

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