MediaOneBT Pairing with a Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth® is a wireless communication technology that allows for connectivity between a wide range of devices. The MediaOne BT uses Bluetooth to stream high quality audio from your Bluetooth enabled device without the need for connecting any cables. In order for your device to work with the MediaOne BT it must first be paired.

1. Turn the front panel volume control counterclockwise to the 0 position.

2. With the MediaOne BT and your Bluetooth device powered on; press the PAIR button on the rear panel of the MediaOne BT speaker to make the speaker discoverable. The front panel indicator will slowly flash blue.

3. In the settings of your Bluetooth device, set it to “discover” available devices.

4. From the Bluetooth device list, select the "Samson BT" device.

5. If your device asks for a passkey, enter digits 0000 (four zeros) and press OK. Some devices may also ask you to accept the connection.

6. As the MediaOne BT is connecting to your device, the front panel indicator will turn green for a few seconds then quickly flash blue.

7. The MediaOne BT speaker indicates that pairing is complete when the indicator turns steady blue. You can now stream audio from your device to the MediaOne BT speakers.

8. With the volume control on your Bluetooth device turned up, play some music and slowly raise the MediaOne BT volume control until you have reached the desired level.

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