Stage XPD1 Quickstart

If your Stage XPD1 HXD1 transmitter and RXD1 receiver do not immediately pair as soon as your transmitter is turned on, please follow this quick instruction guide for activating your Stage XPD1 Wireless system.

Stage XPD1 Directions

1)Hold the pair button on the receiver

2)When the status light starts to blink hold the Transmitter power button

3)Proceed to hold power button on transmitter until receiver light stays lit

4)Enjoy your wireless freedom and control the stage

If your receiver light is on yet you hear no volume from your PA system or in your computer software, please twist off the body of your microphone and check the blue and yellow circle labeled GAIN. Using the included screw, place the tip of the screw in the circle to adjust your gain to the appropriate level. Then place the screw back inside its allocated slot, twist the mic body back on, and continue your performance

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