C01U Pro

1. Affix the C01U Pro to the tripod base or microphone stand using the included microphone swivel. 

2. Position the microphone facing the sound source that you will be recording

3. Connect the included USB cable into the USB socket on the bottom of the microphone and into an available USB port on your computer. 

4. Next, connect your headphones to the headphone output located on the front of the C01U Pro. 

5. Launch your audio software and select the C01U Pro as the audio input and output devices. 

6. Set up a mono record track in your software.

7. Set the level of the C01U Pro by slowly raising the level of the microphone while singing or playing an instrument into the microphone at the performance level. If you see the peak indicator illuminate red, your signal will be distorted. Turn the microphone level control down until it no longer flashes red.

8. The headphones will provide a mix of the direct signal that the microphone is picking up and the return audio from your software. If you want to only hear the audio back from your software you will need to turn off the direct monitoring. 

9. Press RECORD and start capturing your performance! 

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