Meteor M2 Speakers Quickstart

The Meteor M2 input connections are made via the rear panel of the powered speaker. Follow the simple steps and diagram below to setup your speakers.

1. Connect the left speaker hard wired cable to the right speaker. Plug the wire into the RCA speaker output on the back of the right (active) speaker.

2. Using the supplied audio cable, connect the audio output from your audio source such as a computer, MP3 player or portable audio device to the 1/8” input of the Meteor M2 right side speaker.

3. Connect the Meteor M2 to an AC power outlet using the included power adapter.

4. Turn the speakers on by pressing the Meteor M2 power switch for >1 second. The front panel indicator will light blue.

5. Turn the Meteor M2 volume control completely down by pressing and holding the “–” button on the side of the right speaker. The front panel indicator will flash for each volume step up or down. When the speaker reaches the minimum or maximum volume setting the indicator will stay lit.

6. Set the audio output from your audio device to the maximum setting. Play music from your audio source and slowly raise the volume of the Meteor M2 to a comfortable listening level.

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