Airline Micro Headset Quickstart

Please follow these basic procedures for setting up and using your AirLine Micro:

1. For your AirLine Micro system to work correctly, both the receiver and transmitter must be set to the same channel. Remove all packing materials (save them in case your unit needs service in the future) and check to make sure that the supplied receiver and transmitter are set to the same channel. Note: The channel number is laser-engraved on the back of the AR2 and AH2 chassis. If these channels do not match, please contact Samson Technical Support at 1-800-372-6766. If your unit was purchased outside of the U.S., please contact your local distributor.

2. Before using your AirLine Micro system you should fully recharge the transmitter and receiver batteries. Plug the AC adaptor into a power socket. Connect the USB Y-Cable into the USB socket on the AC adaptor. Plug the two mini-USB connectors into the USB ports on the AH2 transmitter and AR2 receiver. When the transmitter and receiver are completely charged, the BLUE LED indicator will turn off.

3. Remove the USB cable and continue with setup.

4. Physically place the receiver where it will be used (if desired, the AR2 receiver model can be used with the included AR2D dock) and fully extend the antennas vertically.

5. Turn your audio system off and connect the receiver’s 1/8” unbalanced output jack to the microphone or line level audio input of your amplifier or mixer. Set the AR2 Mic/Line Level switch to match the input.

6. Turn on the receiver using the Power Switch. When on, the Status Indicator will be steady YELLOW.

7. Turn on your AH2 transmitter by pressing and holding the Multi-Function Switch, until the Status Indicator LED flashes GREEN, then release it. The AH2 Status Indicator will now light steady GREEN. The AR2 receiver Status Indicator will change from YELLOW to GREEN indicating that it is receiving a valid RF signal.

8. Position the AH2 on your ear.

9. Turn on your connected amplifier and/or mixer, but keep its volume all the way down. Make sure the AH2 transmitter is not muted. Note: If the AH2 is muted, the AH2 Status Indicator LED will flash GREEN and the AR2 Status Indicator will flash GREEN. To unmute the AH2, press the Multi-Function Switch and the Status Indicator will light steady GREEN.

10. Speak or sing into the earset microphone at a normal performance level while slowly raising the audio input control of your amplifier or mixer, until the desired volume is reached.

11. If you hear distortion at the desired volume level, check to see whether the Status Indicator LED on the receiver is lighting RED. If it is not lit, make sure that the gain structure of your audio system is set correctly (consult the owners manual of your mixer and/or amplifier for details). If the Status Indicator is RED, simply move the microphone further from your mouth. If you hear a weak, noisy signal at the desired volume level, make sure that the gain structure of your audio system and the Audio Output Level switch are correctly set. If the Audio Output Level switch is correctly set and the signal coming from the receiver is still weak and/or noisy, simply position the microphone closer to your mouth.

If you feel that the level of the microphone needs further adjustment, press and hold the AH2 Multi-Function Switch while the unit is powered on until the Status Indicator turns off, and release the switch. Then press and hold the Multi-Function Switch again for 5 seconds. The AH2 Status Indicator will first flash GREEN then flash YELLOW to show that you are in the Volume Adjustment mode. Press and release the Multi-Function Switch once, and the microphone volume will increase one level. To continue to adjust the microphone volume, press and release the Multi-Function Switch until the maximum level is reached. There are 5 levels. With each increasing level, the Status Indicator will flash faster. After level 5 is reached, the transmitter will cycle back down through the levels each time the Multi-Function Switch is pressed. As the levels decrease, the Status Indicator flashes slower. When the desired level is reached, release the Multi-Function Switch. The AH2 will return to normal operation after 10 seconds, and the Status Indicator will be steady GREEN.

12. Do a walk-around through the intended area of coverage while observing the AR2’s Status Indicator; it should stay steadily GREEN, indicating sufficient RF reception in all areas of coverage. If the AR2’s Status Indicator lights YELLOW, it designates RF dropout or muted receiver. Reposition the device (or its antennas) as necessary. If extended range coverage is required, another AR2 true diversity receiver (set to the same channel as the transmitter) should be used.


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