Q2U Record with Multiple Microphones on Mac Computers

In order to use to more than one USB microphone at a time with an audio application on a Mac computer you will need to create an aggregate device. Follow simple directions below to create an aggregate device for multiple Q2U microphones:

1. Connect two Q2U microphones to your computer by plugging the supplied USB cable from the microphone to two available USB ports on your computer or powered USB hub. The LED on the microphone will light to indicate it is receiving USB power.

2. Open Audio/MIDI Setup in your Applications/Utilities folder or from the Go menu choose Utilities.


3. If the Audio Devices window is not open, go to the Window Menu and choose Show Audio Window, or press Command 1.

4. The Audio Window lists the avaiable audio devices.

5. Click the plus (+) button on the bottom left corner of the Audio Devices window and choose Create Aggregate Device. A new aggregate device will be added to the list of avaiable audio device.

6. With the new aggregate device selected and highlighted, enable the checkbox labeled Use on the left side of the Audio Devices list. The order in which the microphones are selected determines the order that the microphones are listed in your recording software - the first Q2U selected will be Input 1 and Input 2 and the second Q2U selected will be listed as Input 3 and Input 4.

7. To rename the aggregate device, double click the aggregate device name and type a new name into the name field.

8. Open your recording software.

9. In the software audio settings, select the new aggregate device as the Input and Output devices.

10. Create two new audio tracks.

11. Depending on your software, select the Stereo 1/2 or Input 1 for the first track. This will be the first Q2U selected in the Audio Device Window.

12. Select the Stereo 3/4 or Input 3 for the second track. This is the second Q2U selected in the Audio Device Window. Set your levels.

13. Press record and start your recording.

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