Go Mic with an Apple Computer

1. To start using the Samson Go Mic, just plug it in. The LED will light to indicate it is receiving USB power. The computer will recognize the USB audio device and automatically install a universal driver.

2. To select the Go Mic as the computer’s audio input, open the System Preferences from the dock or the main Apple Menu.

3. Next open the Sound preference.

4. Now, click in the Input tab and select Go Mic.

5. To set the gain of the microphone, adjust the Input volume slider at the bottom of the Sound dialog box.

6. Next, click in the Output tab and select Go Mic.

7. To set the playback volume in the headphones, adjust the Output volume slider at the bottom of the Sound dialog box.

At this point you can begin using your microphone with most any audio recording software, but you need to select it as an input and output device within the your software. When selecting the inputs and outputs just look for and select the Go Mic.

When recording in your computer software you may experience a delay on the signal playback, commonly know as latency. The amount of latency depends on the speed of your computer, available memory and the number of tracks you are recording. You can connect headphones to the Go Mic to directly monitor off the input of the microphone to eliminate the latency.

1. To turn direct monitoring on or off, open the Audio/MIDI Setup utility located in the Utility folder inside the Applications folder.

2. Now click the checkbox in the Thru column in Audio/MIDI Setup.

Plug and Play - Some MAC recording software, like Apple’s Garage band, will let you plug and play without going to the Sound preference set up. When you plug the Go Mic into the USB port you’ll see a dialog box that will ask you if you want to select the Go Mic. Select yes and you’re ready to go.

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