Meteor Mic Fix for Windows




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    Jaroslaw Niebrzydowski

    Doesn’t it work with another computer or system either?

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    vinicius ferraz pessoa farias

    Neither...I have a PC and a macbook... Didn't work in any of them...

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    Q2U needs this fix as well.

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    The firmware program will not work if the device is still unrecognized. There needs to be much more support around this error.

    On doing this, I started getting random system hangs, which do not respond at all to CTRL ALT Delete.

    I have done the usual trouble shooting. Including, re-installing windows three times, re-seating everything, running MEMTEST86, replacing HDD with another brand new item etc windows 10.

    Every time the system hang happens (which requires cold restart), the following error is noted in event viewer prior to the crash .

    The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device HID\VID_17A0&PID_0310&MI_03&Col02\8&6efcb10&0&0001.

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    Plug your MIC with a cable usb A or B to USB 2 port.

    Open the Windows Control Panel > Device Manager > double click
    the “USB Avanced Audio Device” item to open the USB Audio Device
    Properties dialog box. 

    Go to the “Detailed” tab, get hardware ids : VID = 0D8C and PID = O1AF
     in this detailed tab : USB\VID_0D8C&PID_O1AF&REV

    * Launch the soft CM65XX Configuration Tool
    In the bottom of the usb config tab 
    * Past or input your hardware VID and PID
    (Each has 4 characters UPPERCASE / case sensitive !!!)
    * click Connect 

    3 results may occur when connected successfuly :
    ==> 1st messagne box : eeprom empty (you need a bin file to burn on the eeprom)
    ==> 2nd default info are shown in the usb config field then your MIC must recognized
    ==>3rd  default information or fiedls in the usb config is are empty, we will see later how to fix it.

    When the connection is failed, you will see a message box : "cannot find the HID device !!!'.
    (here check again that you have read the good VID and PID for the device and input this in uppercase)

    I am giving the solution for our fird scenario connected but default informations are not shown. So the Operating System will not recognize the MIC and will treat it as an Audio Avanced Device (generic).

    Always for your safety, you must have a file copy of your own device eeprom, not someone else eeprom !!!

    Back to the Bottom of the USB config tab >> click  EEPROM=>FILE (it will save your eeprom to a binary file) !
    With a free hexadecimal program like PSPAD, we open our saved eeprom binary file
    we will need to copy or grab from the binary eeprom file 3 informations in plain text 

    1st manufacter string : ex. Samson Technologies
    2nd product string ex. Samson Meteor Mic
    3rd serial string (this is unique for each product if availlable)

    Fill the proper field in the usb config tab fileds with those informations
    Click on SAVE EEPROM in this tab's bottom 
    When it is finished....close the program....disconnect and reconnect your MIC

    You can go further, just ask someone to connect a working mike like yours to the CM65XX eeprom configuration file and he or she will send to you screen shots of each program CM65XX tab, so you may correct or adjust some informations that maybe are erased, disabled or had their values changed (ex. usb setting, audio i/o configuration, eg, voltage...). 

    If something wrong happed, just connect with your device VID and PID and write back your own saved eeprom binary file to your device file==>eeprom !

    That's all folks !

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    I have the same issue. Device Descriptor Failed. 

    However I am trying to connect it to a Windows 11 machine. I have an older Windows 10 machine that the mic works with. When I use this troubleshooting software to reset the EEPROM on that Windows 10 machine, it still can not connect. I found that for my Samson Meteorite USB Condenser Mic, the VID is 17A0 and PID is 0120. 

    I put in those values, but,

     "Cannot find the HID device !!!"

     So I don't know what to do. On the Windows 11 machine, the device will not start. What the hell are we supposed to do, Samson?!?!?!

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    Alan G

    Brand new windows 10 machine here. Everything works except for this mic that I ordered.

    I had a previous Samson Meteor Mic that I bought back in 2018 that worked fine up until about 6 months ago when it just suddenly stopped working. I'm guessing the firmware corrupted itself. 

    Got this one today and it's giving me the "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" error. There is no driver for it, and apparently no support whatsoever from Samson which this thread is evidence of.

    Firmware updater can't run as the device needs to be recognized for it to do so.

    Tried the instructions that are supposedly there to fix this issue with Windows 10. Checked all of my Hardware IDs for all Composite Devices. There is no USB\VID17A0 listed in any of them, so those instructions are useless.

    Returning this. Get your act together Samson.

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