Concert 88 Quickstart (Multiple Systems)

When using multiple systems, each system must be set to a different operating channel. 

Transmitter and receiver pairs must be on the same channel plan in order to work together.

When setting an additional transmitter, make sure to close all other transmitter battery compartments to ensure that the IR Lens is covered.

To change the operating channel of a system, press the SELECT button on the front of the CR88 receiver. The channel number will increase by one digit, from 0-9 then A-F. Once the last channel has been reached, the count will cycle back to 0.

Turn on the power to the transmitter by pressing and holding the Power switch; the indicator LED will light green.

Position the transmitter about 6-12" (15-30 cm) from the front of the CR88 with the transmitter's IR window facing the receiver's IR transmitter.

Press and hold the CR88 SELECT button to synch the transmitter to the same channel as the receiver via infrared transmission.

When the transmission is complete, and the CR88 is receiving RF signal from the transmitter, the READY indicator will light on the front panel of the CR88 receiver.

If you find the system has noticeable dropouts, reduced overall working range, or unexpected noise bursts, change the operating channel of the system using the steps above.

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