Concert 88 Quickstart (Single Channel Setup)

In order for your wireless system to work correctly, both the receiver and transmitter must be set to the same channel.

Single Channel Setup:

Physically place the CR88 receiver where it will be used, and extend the antennas vertically. The general rule of thumb is to maintain “line of sight” between the receiver and transmitter so that the person using or wearing the transmitter can see the receiver.

With the Power switch on and the CR88 power off, connect the included power adapter. Turn the CR88 on momentarily to confirm that the unit is receiving power. You’ll see the LED display light up. Then turn the CR88 power off.

With your amplifier or mixer off and volume control all the way down, connect the CR88 receiver output jack to the mic or line level input of a mixer or amplifier using the balanced XLR output or unbalanced ¼" line level output. Turn the Level knob on the CR88 completely counterclockwise, then turn its power on.

With the transmitter powered off, install two fresh AA batteries into the CB88 belt pack or CH88 handheld transmitter. Leave the battery compartment open.

Turn on the power to the transmitter by pressing and holding Power switch; the indicator LED will light green.

Press the SELECT button on the front of the CR88 receiver to choose an available channel. The channel number will increase by one digit, from 0-9 then A-F. Once the last channel has been reached, the count will cycle back to 0.

Position the transmitter about 6-12" (15-30 cm) from the front of the CR88 with the transmitter's IR window facing the IR transmitter on the front panel of the CR88 receiver.

Press and hold the CR88 SELECT button to set the transmitter to the same channel as the receiver via infrared transmission.

When the transmission is complete, the CR88 will receive RF signal and the tone key from the transmitter. The READY indicator will light on the front panel of the CR88 receiver.

Turn on your connected amplifier or mixer, but keep the volume all the way down. Set the Volume knob on the CR88 fully clockwise (to its “10” setting). This is unity gain.

Speak or sing into the microphone, or if you are using the transmitter with a connected instrument, play the instrument at normal performance level. Slowly raise the volume of your amplifier or mixer until the desired level is reached.

If you find the system has noticeable dropouts, reduced overall working range, or unexpected noise bursts, change the operating channel of the system using the steps above.


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