Bass Attack 2 Using Equalization

About Equalization The Bass Attack 2 gives you control over shaping the sound of your bass, using a process called equalization. To understand how this works, it’s important to know that every naturally occurring sound consists of a broad range of pitches, or frequencies, combined together in a unique way. This blend is what gives every sound its distinctive tonal color. The Bass Attack 2 EQ controls allow you to alter a sound by boosting or attenuating specific frequency areas - they operate much like the bass and treble controls on a stereo, but with much greater precision.

The Bass and Treble controls are shelving EQs, which provide boost when the control is moved clockwise from the center or cut when the control is moved counterclockwise from the center. In many instances, the best way to deal with equalization is to think in terms of which frequency areas you need to attenuate, as opposed to which ones you need to boost. Be aware that boosting a frequency area also has the effect of boosting the overall signal; specifically, too much Low EQ boost can actually cause overload distortion or even harm the connected speaker.

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