Bass Attack 2 Hartke "Shape" Controls

The SHAPE stage of the Bass Attack 2 applies a specialized EQ curve that can be swept through the instrument’s frequency band to enhance the sound of your bass guitar. The Shape EQ is a notch filter that can be boosted or cut by adjusting the AMOUNT knob. By boosting the filter, you add more mids, which can add bite to your distortion sound. By turning the AMOUNT knob down, you create a scoop to the specified frequency area which allows you to customize the effect that best complements your bass guitar.

Moving the FREQ control clockwise causes the notch filter to be applied to higher frequencies while moving it counterclockwise causes it to be applied to lower frequencies. At the fully clockwise position, the filter is applied to the 800Hz frequency area. At the fully counterclockwise position, the filter is applied to the 200Hz frequency area.


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