ACR5 Quickstart

Here are some basic steps for setting up and get started playing your Hartke ACR5 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier. Setting up your amplifier is a simple procedure which takes only a few minutes:

1. Remove all packing materials (save them in case of need for future service) and decide where the amplifier is to be physically placed. To avoid potential overheating problems, be sure that the rear panel is unobstructed and that there is good ventilation around the entire unit.

2. Connect the 3-pin AC plug into any grounded AC socket. Don’t turn the amplifier on just yet, though.

3. Use a standard 1/4” instrument cable to connect your acoustic guitar, or other electric acoustic instrument to the GUITAR Input jack on the top panel.

4. Before turning the amplifier on turn, set the ACR5 controls to the default setting for getting good sound quickly. On the Guitar Input channel set the VOLUME knob to the nine o’clock position and set BASS, MID and TREBLE controls to the twelve o’clock position. On the MIC/LINE IN channel, set the GAIN knob to the fully counter-clockwise position. Set the MASTER volume control to the fully counterclockwise position.

5. Press the rear panel POWER switch to the ON position in order to turn on the amplifier.

6. Set the output of your acoustic to about 3/4’s the way up and then, while playing, slowly turn the master VOLUME control up until the desired level is achieved. If you hear distortion even at low MASTER volume settings, back off the output of your acoustic guitar (or check for a faulty cable). Note: As a “rule of thumb”, always try to keep the MASTER volume control to a higher setting than the input channel VOLUME controls in order to get the cleanest output.

7. For tonal control, the ACR5 features BASS, MID and TREBLE equalizer controls. The BASS control is a shelving EQ, affecting low frequencies around 80Hz, is used to fill out the sound of guitar when playing solo or thin it up when playing with an ensemble. The MID control is a peaking EQ, affecting frequencies around 1.8kHz, which when boosted can help the guitar to cut through to the front of the mix. The TREBLE control is a shelving EQ affecting high frequencies around 15kHz, which can bring out the air or sparkle of the guitar. Setting the BASS, MID and TREBLE knobs to the twelve o’clock position produces a flat frequency response.

8. You can add a splash of chorus or gallons of lush reverb to either input channel using the ACR5’s on-board, 24-bit digital effects, by rotating the CHORUS and REVERB send knobs on each input channel clockwise.

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